Learn Japanese by watching a Crazy Japanese Politician – Mac Akasaka

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Having trouble staying interested while watching Japanese Dialogues?

Fear Not!  Mac Akasaka has got you covered!  And he wants you to smile too. An official member of the Nihon Smile Party, Mack just wants you to smile.

The learning comes in in the type of speech he delivers.  Mack talks simply and slowly, at the perfect pace for a small japanese child, or a foreigner learning the language.  I still can’t believe that this is real.

From Wikipedia: He was born in Nagoya and attended Kyoto University. He spent 25 years as an executive at the trading company Itochu before retiring to become a politician.[1] He now manages the Smile Therapy Association in Akasaka, Tokyo.[2] Akasaka claims to have personal assets of billions of yen from trading in rare earth metals, which he uses to cover the cost of his political campaigns.[3]

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