How to ruin a pancake in Japan

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Since living in Hong Kong for so long I’ve become accustomed to the various styled of fusion east meets west cuisine and I have to admit, some of it is actually pretty good. But, sadly coming to Japan, although I love all types of food you can find in Japan and Japanese cooking, I just can’t get over this one thing I have noticed.

Pancakes, they mix pancakes with the weirdest savoury sauces. I mean, that’s what crepes are for

I forgot to take a photo of the menu when I saw it but with some amazing photoshop skills I made an image rendering of what I saw that day (or rather something like it).

pancakes copy

I’m sorry, pancake is a delicious SWEET breakfast dish. Japan, you are not supposed to mix it with SAVOURY flavours, it doesn’t mix well. I can understand how adventurous they are being and good for them for making it their own but come on.. pancakes? They are a simple and easy dessert that you just can’t get wrong. It’s like eating marmite and ice cream together.. just full of ERROR.


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