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We are a website that provides self-study courses for Christians to improve their Japanese Language skills.

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Bible Related Japanese Learning Courses

After a long hiatus we are now starting to create content for this page. We have started to create self-study courses that you can use to study the bible. For our first course – we will be covering the Japanese that is used in Chapters 1-2 in Genesis.We will then create the same course for…

Read the bible in Japanese using Japanese.io

The other day… I was looking for a convenient way to read text in Japanese. And I found something that is an excellent tool for reading any type of Japanese text. The above screenshot is https://japanese.io – its a great way to learn all kinds of Japanese text, including passages from the bible. Another great…

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“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

“こういうわけで、今は、キリスト イエスにある者が罪に定められることは決してありません”

Romans 8:1