CantoneseClass101 Premium Review

CantoneseClass101 is one of the best resources available on the Interwebs (Internet) for Cantonese learning, not only for its depth and variation of available learning content, but also the easy to use integration with the companion mobile app. In this review, we are going to cover some of the key features and then give overall impressions of the sites strengths as well as its weaknesses. … Continue reading CantoneseClass101 Premium Review


There are several ways of greeting people in Cantonese in casual situations, but here you will learn how to give a quick self introduction suitable for more formal occasions like a job interview or meeting the in-laws. Click here to get more Cantonese lessons! 你好 - Nei5 ho2 Falling/Rising Tone x 2 First, say the Cantonese word for hello. Like Mandarin, it also means “you … Continue reading HOW TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF FORMALLY IN CANTONESE