Language Resources

These are a bunch of cool language learning blogs and websites:

Hanbridge Mandarin

High Quality Online Mandarin School


Japanese Pod is a great website with many resources, lessons, and pod-casts that follow the CERF levels for fluency.  They have a great depth of resources.


Memrise is a great way to learn any language, or anything really.  A really well designed srs flashcard tool that will help you to memorize things quickly and while having fun.


italki is the best place to find a language teacher through skype for a competitive price.

Lingua Junkie

Linguajunkie is a regularly updated language blog with lots of great resources and articles for learning many languages.

Other Links – <—start a business in Japan


One thought on “Language Resources

  1. You might be able to add Duolingo to the list in the near future. The Japanese for English speakers course is apparently in the alpha stage. Contributor moeka518 has estimated that the course will move from the initial phase 1 to phase 2 on May 15, 2017. [source:

    Also, Duolingo has placed an invitation for speakers fluent in both Japanese and English to help create content.


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