December 2020 JLPT Update

The registration date for the 2020 December JLPT has been postponed until early September.

This is due to JLPT testing centers being hard to secure.

It is our opinion that they may entirely cancel the 2020 December JLPT.

We will update this blog when we find out further information.


Bible Related Japanese Learning Courses

After a long hiatus we are now starting to create content for this page.

We have started to create self-study courses that you can use to study the bible. For our first course – we will be covering the Japanese that is used in Chapters 1-2 in Genesis.

We will then create the same course for Mandarin.

With interactive flashcards and quizzes – these courses are best experienced on a desktop device. The free versions of the courses will be available for several months – and then we will content lock some of the courses in order to help us fund the creation of new courses.

If you have feedback let us know! New lessons will be published weekly – covering one verse per lesson.

Read the bible in Japanese using Japanese.io

The other day…

I was looking for a convenient way to read text in Japanese. And I found something that is an excellent tool for reading any type of Japanese text.

Proverbs 1 in Japanese / English

The above screenshot is https://japanese.io – its a great way to learn all kinds of Japanese text, including passages from the bible.

Another great feature of the website is that you can create flashcards. I really hope that they expand this technology to other languages.

They have a premium version of the service that allows you to analyze text and have other features like more comprehensive study of the text.

The free version includes an anki-like spaced repetition flashcard system.

We hope that this is helpful to you as you learn to read the bible in Japanese!

The Best Bi-lingual Japanese Bible with Furigana

If you are looking for a bilingual bible to study Japanese with – our recommendation is actually a King James Version that is inside of a Mormon Bible App.

Although we don’t agree theologically with the pearl of great price, doctrine and covenants or the book of mormon, the mormons should be applauded for the great free version of the King James version that they have produced.

The name of the app is called LDS Quad – and contains a full line by line side by side Japanese english translation with furigana.

You can see a few screenshots of it here:

https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/japanese-lds-quad/id1178952951?l=en <—- apple store download link

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nozokada.JapaneseLDSQuad&hl=en&gl=US <—- Android version

Android version
Japanese LDS Quad on the App Store

Online Japanese Lessons

Are you looking for online Japanese lessons?

Recently we started taking Japanese lessons online with a professional teacher through Coto Japanese Academy.

Coto Japanese Academy is a language school in Tokyo with locations in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Recently they started offering online Japanese language lessons. https://cotoacademy.com/course/online-japanese-lessons/

You can see more about their online Japanese language lessons at https://online.cotoacademy.com

Japanese Bible Verse – Romans 8:1

Romans – 8:1

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

こういうわけで、今は、キリスト イエスにある者が罪に定められることは決してありません

こういうわけで - kou iu wake de – therefore

今は – ima wa – now

キリスト イエス - kirisuto iesu – Christ Jesus

ある者 - aru mono – people who have

罪-tsumi- sin

定められる – sadamerareru To be convicted of / to be decided for

決して – Keshite – Never by no means

ありません – arimasen – to not be / not have

Report on July 2019 JLPT

So we took the 2019 July JLPT and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  For myself I pretty much only did the Nihongo Soumatome Vocabulary course on memrise  – finishing it literally minutes before the test was going to begin and about 40% of the Bunpo JLPT N3 grammar list.

I hope that I passed, I cannot be conclusively sure.

One of the amazing things about taking the exam is seeing how much you can improve over time.  I remember taking the N3 exam previously and being very embarrassed and angry about how unprepared for it I was.

This time it was really fun.

I knew about 50% of the answers for sure – and the others I had a pretty good idea that I was guessing the correct ones.

Regardless if I pass or fail – it was a rewarding experience and I am motivated to push forward to the JLPT N2.


Japanese bible vocabulary – 2 thessolonians 3


siblings, brothers and sisters; brothers; siblings-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law; mate, friend


prayer, supplication


lord, chief, master, main thing, principal


bad person, villain, scoundrel, wrongdoer, wicked person


truth, reality; truly, really; absolute truth


strong, potent, competent, domineering, tough; strong, brawny, powerful, healthy, rugged; good (at), skilled, knowledgeable; being able to handle, know how to deal (with), durable (against), resistant (to), resilient; firm, rigid, solid; intense, strong, fierce, high; dependable, trustworthy


to guide, to lead, to show the way, to conduct; to derive, to deduce


to order, to command; to appoint


endurance, perseverance, patience


name of God (esp. in Christian contexts), name of Christ

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Japanese bible vocabulary – Corinthians 2: 2:12-14


thanks, gratitude


good news; gospel (teachings or revelations of Jesus Christ)


to guide, to lead, to show the way, to conduct; to derive, to deduce


victory, triumph, conquest, success, win


line, queue, procession, parade; matrix

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