Japanese Airsoft Vocabulary – サバイバルゲーム

Airsoft – in Japan, is referred to as サバイバルゲーム or Sa Ba I Ba Ru gamu – Sabage for Short.  It is kind of like paintball, only it can be done without ruining the carpet.

Here are some pictures from our last game:    IMGP6339

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Throughout the course of playing with Japanese people, I quickly realized that I should probably learn some Airsoft Japanese

Here is a list of Japanese Airsoft Vocabulary Terms;

アサルトライフル – Asarutoraifuru – Assault Rifle

カムフラージュ – Kamufurāju – Camoflauge

ヒット- Hitto – Way to say that youre hit!  (You can also say – ヒットとります – hitto torimasu – I’ve been hit)


近接戦闘(CQB)- Kinsetsu sentō (CQB) – There are generally two types of airsoft – close quarters indoor and outdoor. CQB refers to close quarters airsoft.

グルーピング – Gurūpingu – Grouping – Where your bullets hit, showing a sign of accuracy.

スコープ – Sukopu – Scope – Aiming sight for a sniper rifle.

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援護 –  Engo – Cover/ Suppcort – Asking for covering fire.

援護射撃 – Engo shageki – Covering Fire!  ( Used to request cover fire.)

右 – Migi – Right  (Used to indicate direction.)

左 – Hidari – Left (Used to indicate direction.)

あそこ – Asoko – Over There

います – Imasu – Theres someone!  – You can say this to indicate that there is someone waiting around a corner.

アイアンサイト – Aian saito – Iron Sight – Metal sight connected to the gun and used for aiming.

レイル – Reiru – Rail – Refers to a rail attachment system that guns use so that they can add attachments.  Very popular!

援護に回れ – engo ni maware – Go provide support!


I will be adding to this list in the coming weeks so check back for more updates!

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