Japanese Airsoft Vocabulary – サバイバルゲーム

Airsoft – in Japan, is referred to as サバイバルゲーム or Sa Ba I Ba Ru gamu – Sabage for Short.  It is kind of like paintball, only it can be done without ruining the carpet.

Here are some pictures from our last game:    IMGP6339

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Throughout the course of playing with Japanese people, I quickly realized that I should probably learn some Airsoft Japanese

Here is a list of Japanese Airsoft Vocabulary Terms;

アサルトライフル – Asarutoraifuru – Assault Rifle

カムフラージュ – Kamufurāju – Camoflauge

ヒット- Hitto – Way to say that youre hit!  (You can also say – ヒットとります – hitto torimasu – I’ve been hit)


近接戦闘(CQB)- Kinsetsu sentō (CQB) – There are generally two types of airsoft – close quarters indoor and outdoor. CQB refers to close quarters airsoft.

グルーピング – Gurūpingu – Grouping – Where your bullets hit, showing a sign of accuracy.

スコープ – Sukopu – Scope – Aiming sight for a sniper rifle.

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援護 –  Engo – Cover/ Suppcort – Asking for covering fire.

援護射撃 – Engo shageki – Covering Fire!  ( Used to request cover fire.)

右 – Migi – Right  (Used to indicate direction.)

左 – Hidari – Left (Used to indicate direction.)

あそこ – Asoko – Over There

います – Imasu – Theres someone!  – You can say this to indicate that there is someone waiting around a corner.

アイアンサイト – Aian saito – Iron Sight – Metal sight connected to the gun and used for aiming.

レイル – Reiru – Rail – Refers to a rail attachment system that guns use so that they can add attachments.  Very popular!

援護に回れ – engo ni maware – Go provide support!


I will be adding to this list in the coming weeks so check back for more updates!

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Useful Chinese Bargaining Phrases – 5 Steps: How to Haggle in Mandarin

Four useful Chinese Phrases (4)

Four Useful Chinese Bargaining Phrases + Tips on How to Haggle in Mandarin.`

我不要 – Wo3 bu4 yao4 – I don”t want it / I would not like it. (Useful to tell hawkers that you aren’t interested.)

多少钱 – Duo1 shao3 qian1 – How much is it? How much money? – Useful for asking price.

一点贵 – Yi1Dian3 Gui4 – A little bit expensive. Great for telling the seller that you think it’s too expensive and that you would like to suggest them to lower their price. Yi Dian softens it and tells them that you are willing to negotiate.

便宜点 – Pian2Yi2 Dian3 – A little bit cheaper? Basically you can say this to convince the seller that they should lower their price.

5 Step Easy Haggle –  Mainland Chinese hawkers will try to get as much as they possibly can from you.  Here are a few simple tips that will help you lower the price.

1) Ask them to state a price.  Once they name their price, immediately put it down and act embarrassed.

2) Once you put the item down, turn your body orientation away as if you”re uncomfortable and about to leave.

3) Tell them that you are embarassed (Bu4 hao3 yi4 si – 不好意思)

4) Begin to walk away.

5) They will chase you, reluctantly ask how much it is again.  If you like the price that they restate, take it, if not, restate your price and continue the cycle.

These phrases are a great way to learn useful vocabulary for when you are shopping in china, haggling with street vendors, or bargaining at a fake market!

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