Japanese Bible Verse – Proverbs 22:6

Today we are going to go over a bible verse about parenting in Japanese.

Proverbs 22:6

Direct your Children onto the right path, and when they are older they will not leave it.


Kodomo no toki ni tadashī ikikata o oshiete okeba,-toshi o tottekara mo kawarimasen.

子どもの時 – During Childhood / As a Child – Kodomo no toki ni

正しい生き方 – The correct way to live  – tadashi iki kata (lit.  correct life way/method)

教えておけば – If you teach them / oshiete okeba

年をとってから – toshi o totte kara – when they are older

変わりません – kawari arimasen – change will not occur







Japanese Bible Verse of the Day Proverbs 4:7

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.



Chie no hajime wa koredearu, chie wo e yo, anata ga nani wo eru ni shite mo, satori wo e yo

知恵 – chie – ちえ - wisdom

初めはこれである - はじめはこれである - hajime ha kore de aru – “is the first thing / is the principal thing”

得よ – e yo – えよ - to get

悟り - さとり - satori – understanding

Chinese Bible Verse of the Day – Chinese Bible Vocabulary John 1:1

John 1:1 New World Translation

在最初就有“话语”,“话语” 跟上帝同在,“话语”是个神。

zai4 zui4chu1 jiu4 you3 hua4yu3, hua4yu3 gen1 shang4di4 tong2zai4 hua4yu3 shi4 ge0 shen2

zai – at

zuichu – the very beginning , the beginning

jiu you – there was / there is

hua yu – the word

gen – with / to be with

shang di – god

tong zai – to be together with – Gen XXXX Tongzai

hua yu shi ge shen – the word was God



Guest Post – How to Try (Where to Buy) Betel Nut in Taipei, Taiwan

How To Try Betel Nut in Taipei

A practical guide to buying betel nut for your first and ONLY time

Disclaimer: Chewing betel nut is a dangerous habit to pick up with a high probability of leading to an oral cancer – a cancer that you are 50% likely to die from

Betel Nut in Chinese

Betel nut is called 檳榔 (Pinyin: bīnláng) in traditional Chinese. Betel nuts come from the Areca palm and are chewed as a stimulant. They are used across Asia (by almost a tenth of the world’s population) with especially prevalent use in Taiwan where they are known as “Taiwan’s chewing gum.” Betel nuts are used by all demographics, but are most popular among working-age men, who use the nuts to stay awake for long hours of work in industries like driving, construction, and fishing.

How to chew Betel Nut

Some users say betel nut cures a hangover in no time.

The betelnut is not really a nut, but a fruit categorized as a berry. As the husk ripens and turns green, the nut inside becomes soft enough to cut or eat. People chew the nut rolled in a small bit of leaf. It brings an explosion of flavor that is equivalent to roughly 6 cups of espresso. Patrons describe the experience as if an “anesthetic had been applied to their mouth” and taste as “acird flavors with a woody texture.”

Where to Find Betel Nut in Taiwan

Betel nut can be found everywhere in Taiwan. They are sold frequently at ‘corner stores’ that sell cigarettes, betel nuts, and beer all in one place. To find one just look for any store like this that looks like picture below with the words 檳榔 on it and you’ve found a place to buy betel nut.

If you’re on the highway then you’ll probably see the neon-light glassbox shops with  women inside. Those are also betel nut shops.

These bright neon signs above glass box stores are staffed by scantily clad women known as “Betel Nut Beauties.” Betel Nut Beauties are young women in revealing clothing who sell betel nut and cigarettes in brightly lit glass enclosures along the highway. The neon-topped kiosks appear in urban, suburban and rural settings alike and are a trademark feature of Taiwan’s cities and countryside.

Betel Nut Shops in Taipei

If you’re in Taipei, you can use Google Maps to find the nearest betel nut store near you. Many are low-tech and might not be listed — but if you search 檳榔, you’ll find results like the ones below.

Taipei Betel Nut Shops

  1. 三德檳榔          110台北市信義區永吉路130號
  2. 店小二檳榔店         105台北市松山區台北市松山區光復北路142號
  3. 紅兵檳榔店        110台北市信義區林口街56號
  4. 王牌檳榔         10491台北市中山區建國北路一段28號
  5. 王牌檳榔        10491台北市中山區建國北路一段28號

How Much Does Betel Nut Cost in Taiwan?

It general costs about 50 NTD (台币) to buy a bag (包) of betel nut (檳榔). A small bag will usually come with 5-7 nuts in it. Just one single nut is usually referred to as a unit (利). Noteworthy, this is the same phonetic sound as the word li which means “tits.” At seedier places you will see signs for “buy one bag get two units free” which carries a much different meaning.

Chinese Words to use with Betel Nuts

To order betel nut you can usually get by with basic Chinese. “I want to buy this,”  “我要买这个” will get you pretty far. But we’ll teach you a few extra words you might need to get the transaction done. Also, trying to use some Taiwanese will make you look cooler!







bīn láng

 bin néng

Betel Nut



Package (Unit)


Piece (Unit)

嚼 (槟榔)



Crew (betel nuts)


jīng zǎi

Cei à

Betel Nut with inflorescence Piper betle


yòu de

iù à

younger Betal nut


jié bīng shuǐ

 Kiat bing zueì

Freezed Water

The Dangers of Betel Nut

Qui Zhen-huang with photo of oral cancer lesion

The Taiwan government is looking to curb the use of betel nut for multiple health reasons. Each year, 5,700 Taiwanese men are diagnosed with oral cancer of which 2,300 will eventually die from. Around 9 out of 10 oral cancer patients in Taiwan have a habit of chewing betel nut and Taiwan’s incidence/mortality rates for oral cancer rank among the top two or three in the world.

Regular betel nut chewers have red-stained lips and teeth. But over the long-term, betel nut causes hundreds of tiny abrasions to form in the mouth creating an entry point for many of the cancer-causing chemicals. Precancerous chewers develop white or red lesions inside the mouth, that can rapidly progress to grotesque flesh-eating tumours.

Unlike other cancers, Betel nut induced oral cancers are difficult to hide, leaving sufferers physically and psychologically devastated. Sometimes, even after surgery, they still can’t perform basic functions like expressing emotions because the lower jaw also has to be cut depending on the scale of the cancer.

The Taiwanese government is helping people detect the disease more quickly by providing one million free screenings to help people quit betel nuts. In 2013, these measures helped cut betel nut usage rate in men by nearly half. At the same time, the government is trying to reduce the domestic supply of betel nuts by offering subsidies to farmers to cut down their trees and plant alternative crops like tea, citrus fruit or mango.Some 4,800 hectares of betel nut farming lands looks to be replaced

Also, since 2014, anyone caught spitting betel nut juice in the capital of Taipei is fined and required to attend withdrawal classes. Plus, the betel nut beauties have been subject to clothing restrictions.Taiwan is also trying to incentivize local farmers to change crops and cut the supply of the betel nut. Some 4,800 hectare of betel nut farming land is expected to be planted with crops

Author Bio: Sam Silverman

Sam works as CEO of TutorMandarin – an online learn Chinese tutor service that focuses on teaching students how to speak Chinese using an innovative learn Chinese app and PC Software. The APP is free to download and comes with a free 1-on-1 class, 2 unlocked courses, a full language evaluation, and daily Chinese articles. Sam has lived in China for 5-6 years in Beijing and Suzhou as well as Taipei for over a year. He has been studying the Chinese language and Chinese culture even longer.

Japanese Business Vocab

The below chart includes Japanese Office Vocabulary that is great for learning.

Kanji Hiragana / Katakana Romaji
1. 会社 かいしゃ kaisha Office / Company / Corporation / Firm
2. 会社員 かいしゃいん kaisha in Office Worker
3. 株式会社 かぶしきがいしゃ kabu shiki gaisha Public Company / Joint-stock Corporation
4. 有限会社 ゆうげんがいしゃ yuugen gaisha Limited Company
5. 企業 きぎょう kigyou Enterprise / Company
6. 大手企業 おおてきぎょう oote kigyou Big Enterprise / Well-established Company
7. 中小企業 ちゅうしょうきぎょう chuushou kigyou Small to Medium Enterprise
8. 営業部 えいぎょうぶ eigyou bu Sales Department
9. 開発部 かいはつぶ kaihatsu bu Development Department
10. 人事部 じんじぶ jinji bu Personnel Department
11. 総務部 そうむぶ soumu bu General Affairs Department
12. 事務所 じむしょ jimu sho Office
13. 事務員 じむいん jimu in Office Clerk
14. 従業員 じゅうぎょういん juugyou in Employee / Worker
15. 社長 しゃちょう sha chou Company President
16. 副社長 ふくしゃちょう fuku sha shou Vice President
17. 部長 ぶちょう bu chou Department Manager
18. 課長 かちょう ka chou Section Manager
19. 係長 かかりちょう kakari chou Group Leader / Unit Head
20. 専務 せんむ senmu Executive Director
21. 総支配人 そうしはいにん Sou shihai nin General Manager
22. 取締役 とりしまりやく tori shimari yaku Company Director / Board Member
23. 上司 じょうし joushi Superior / Boss
24. 部下 ぶか buka Subordinate
25. 派遣会社 はけんがいしゃ haken gaisha Temporary Worker Agency
26. 派遣社員 はけんしゃいん haken shain Temporary Worker
27. 同僚 どうりょう dou ryou Colleague / Coworker
28. 判子 はんこ hanko Personal Seal
29. 印鑑 いんかん inkan Personal Seal
30. 企画書 きかくしょ kikaku sho Project Proposal
31. 新製品 しんせいひん shin seihin New Product
32. 書類 しょるい shorui Document
33. 受付 うけつけ uke tsuke Reception Area / Information Area
34. 面接 めんせつ mensetsu Interview
35. 通勤ラッシュ つうきんラッシュ tsukin rasshu Commuter Rush
36. 残業 ざんぎょう zan gyou Overtime Work
37. 出張 しゅっちょう shucchou Business Trip
38. 有給休暇 ゆうきゅうきゅうか yuukyuu kyuuka Paid Leave
39. 給料 きゅうりょう kyuuryou Salary / Wage / Pay
40. ボーナス bo-nasu Bonus
41. 年金 ねんきん nenkin Annuity / Pension
42. 保険 ほけん hoken Insurance
43. 名刺 めいし meishi Business Card / Name Card
44. 欠勤 けっきん kekkin Absence from Work
45. 欠勤届 けっきんとどけ kekkin todoke Report of Absence / Notice of Absence
46. 辞表 じひょう jihyou Letter of Resignation
47. お客さん おきゃくさん okyaku san Guest / Customer / Visitor
48. 御中 おんちゅう onchuu Messrs (Addressing the other company at the beginning of letter)
49. 敬具 けいぐ keigu Sincerely Yours (Used at the end of letter)
50. 会議 かいぎ kaigi Meeting
51. 会議室 かいぎしつ kaigi shitsu Meeting Room
52. コンピューター konpyu-ta- Computer
53. プリンター purinta- Printer
54. コピー機 コピーき kopi-ki Photocopier
55. ファクス fakusu Fax Machine / Facsimile
56. 電話 でんわ denwa Telephone

Top 5 JLPT Study Apps – Android

The JLPT is not just a test that measures Japanese – it is a test that measures how well you are at taking tests that measure Japanese……


Wait…. what?


Okay anyway – if you are on this page it means you are looking for the best apps to learn how to pass the JLPT – here they are.


    A great app that allows you to study vocabulary and grammar points in a sentence format.  All words in this app are broken down by jlpt level and its highly customizable.  I recommend it as the best.
  2. Learn Japanese NHK
    Mostly good for JLPT n5 Listening practice – this is a versatile app with high quality materials for a beginner that are engaging.
  3. JLPT Prepare
    Divided by level and segmented into vocabulary – grammar – kanji ; this app is very well organized and tests you with questions that are from sample exams.
    A simple interface that allows the user to harness the power of spaced repetition flash cards to expedite their japanese learning.
  5. NHK EASY Japanese News
    Learn through hiragana and the ability to add your familiar words into a word bank.

    Do you have a suggestion for a good japanese learning app? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Sleep Hacking and Language Learning

People want to know how to improve memory retention and how to shave off the amount of time it takes to learn new words.

This can happen quite easily – but here are some general guidelines for getting a good nights rest.

  1. Artificial Light should be banned an hour before bedtime.  – Artificial light robs your mind of sleep hormones and disrupts circadian rhytmn.
  2. Put your phone in a different room – Put your phone in a different room it will force you out of bed when the alarm goes off and it will get radio / electric activity away from your brain.
  3. Go to sleep before 11PM – again – circadian rhythm gets disrupted and your brain shoots off hormones to keep you awake if you stay up past 11pm.
  4. Dont eat anything at least 3 hours before bed.   Eating before bedtime is just stupid – it also makes you fat.

If you do these four things – your quality of sleep and vicariously your quality of language learning will improve.

I have read several articles that show that quality sleep can provide you with a significant performance boost when it comes to retaining new vocabulary and processing information within your brains language center.