Learning Japanese With Star Wars

Last night I dusted off my StarWars Trilogy DVD and popped in A New Hope with Japanese Audio.  Just like our learning Japanese with the bible series, the rationale here is that if you are extremely familiar with the source material and context it will be much easier to pick up words and recognize them while watching.

Plus, you get to watch STAR WARSSSSS!!!!!!!  Here are a few clips that I found on youtube to wet your appetite;

Due to the restrictive nature of Star Wars as an intellectual property, its pretty hard to find a japanese dub on youtube.

Butttt… the good news is that Amazon.co.jp will ship worldwide.  You can get the original trilogy for about $25 plus shipping here.

In a future series, I will be breaking down famous scenes from Star Wars in Japanese, so stay tuned!!!

But in the meantime Bonus I have included this StarWars Day list courtesy of JapanesePod101

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Jedi Knight



Jedi Knight

Luke Skywalker



Luke Skywalker

I am your father.



I am your father.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.



These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

Use the Force!



Use the Force!


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