NEWS!!! Aiya – Mandarin Card Game


Hey Guys, I have some really great news to share! I’ve recently hooked up with the makers of AIYA, which is a mandarin learning card game.

Some of you may have been familiar with them already as they had a false-start kickstarter launch back in April:

You can visit the kickstarter page here.

You can like the facebook page here.

We are currently re-developing it, to make it better, faster, stronger, and funner!

Our philosophy around this project is to make the gameplay the primary focus, trying to make the funnest play experience possible!

That’s where you come in.  Are you a board gamer?  Do you play card games with friends regularly?  Would you be able to playtest our game and give us good feedback?

If anyone has any suggestions for what they think would make a great card game, we are open to feedback and suggestions.

We need help through every stage of this process, from funding, to spreading the word, to helping us design the game.

Be a part of this wonderful project by sending a message to our facebook account!



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