JLPT N4 Resources – Study Update

Between going on vacation and hanging out with Domo-Kun, getting sick, and playing airsoft, we have been unfortunately neglecting the regular updates of this blog!  We apologize!!!


However, we have some good news!  Both of us have registered for the JLPT N4 Exam.  The exam is 3 months away, taking place on July 5th.

In order to mark this momentous occasion, I have compiled a list of Study Resources geared towards the JLPT N4 Exam.

1) JapanesePod101 Prep Course

JPod101 has a prep course geared directly towards preparing you for the JLPT N4 Exam.

It explains what to expect during the exam and how to prepare for it, it also discusses some of the most commonly used vocabulary in an innovative “meta” way.

2) The JLPT Level N4 Study Page

This page provides a comprehensive vocabulary, kanji, grammar, and idioms guide.  It also gives examples of past tests and quizzes.  All in all a great resource.  However, beware that this page adheres to the previous format of the test so some of the information about the test itself may be a bit dated.  There is also a link to a JLPT study forum.

3) JLPT Bootcamp N4 Official Workbook

An older article, but should still be quite useful.

4) Nihongo Ichiban JLPTN4 Study Material

A slick and stylish well compiled site.  Some repeated material, but seems to be quite up to date.

5) Anki JLPT Decks

Good list of anki practice decks for all levels of jlpt.

I took an n5 practice test the other day and did well.  I hope that n4 affords a considerable challenge.  And after we pass it, it will be on to N2!

Registering for the exam has done wonders for my motivation.  It has given me a renewed commitment to my Japanese learning.

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