Report on July 2019 JLPT

So we took the 2019 July JLPT and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  For myself I pretty much only did the Nihongo Soumatome Vocabulary course on memrise  – finishing it literally minutes before the test was going to begin and about 40% of the Bunpo JLPT N3 grammar list.

I hope that I passed, I cannot be conclusively sure.

One of the amazing things about taking the exam is seeing how much you can improve over time.  I remember taking the N3 exam previously and being very embarrassed and angry about how unprepared for it I was.

This time it was really fun.

I knew about 50% of the answers for sure – and the others I had a pretty good idea that I was guessing the correct ones.

Regardless if I pass or fail – it was a rewarding experience and I am motivated to push forward to the JLPT N2.



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