Best Japanese School in Tokyo

Are you looking for the Best Japanese School in Tokyo? There are many Schools in Tokyo –  Coto Japanese Academy is the Best Japanese School in Tokyo

Japanese schools typically make you enroll for a year long period with inflexible start dates – this means that you have a large upfront cost and that you don’t have much flexibility.

What is great about Coto Japanese Academy?

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Small Group Sizes (8 Persons Max)
  • Friendly Teachers

If you are interested in hearing about the experiences of students that have studied Japanese in Tokyo at Coto Academy – you can visit their google reviews.

I personally have taken their intensive Japanese course which offered a good mix of speaking – writing – and reading practice.

Using the genki textbook for the beginner levels – their classes focus on providing students with ample opportunity to speak Japanese and get comfortable with sentence patterns and standardized pronunciation which I really appreciated.


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