Sleep Hacking and Language Learning

People want to know how to improve memory retention and how to shave off the amount of time it takes to learn new words.

This can happen quite easily – but here are some general guidelines for getting a good nights rest.

  1. Artificial Light should be banned an hour before bedtime.  – Artificial light robs your mind of sleep hormones and disrupts circadian rhytmn.
  2. Put your phone in a different room – Put your phone in a different room it will force you out of bed when the alarm goes off and it will get radio / electric activity away from your brain.
  3. Go to sleep before 11PM – again – circadian rhythm gets disrupted and your brain shoots off hormones to keep you awake if you stay up past 11pm.
  4. Dont eat anything at least 3 hours before bed.   Eating before bedtime is just stupid – it also makes you fat.

If you do these four things – your quality of sleep and vicariously your quality of language learning will improve.

I have read several articles that show that quality sleep can provide you with a significant performance boost when it comes to retaining new vocabulary and processing information within your brains language center.


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