The Best Online Course for Learning Japanese Vocabulary – How long does it take to learn Japanese vocabulary with a flashcard application?

Disclaimer: We have not updated this in forever!  I am doing an MBA in Japan so its been hard to find time for an update – but I am currently cramming for a Japanese exam and I am inspiring myself by returning to blogging.  Look forward to – infrequent – updates!  😀


6,000 Words – A good base knowledge of Japanese vocabulary.

How much time does it take to learn 6000 words in Japanese?  Well to “learn” the word in memrise – it takes about 1 minute per word – which would be 600 hours if you completed the course – excluding review.

The tricky part is finding out how often you need to review.

Sebastien Leitner – who developed the leitner flashcard system in the 1970s says that you need about 5 repetitions to “learn” a word – from my personal experiences i would say that it takes me about 20-30 repetitions before i can quickly recall a word.  This also can change depending on what you consider a repetition (is listening to it during a tv program counted?) so be careful!

But I would say the math could work out like this –

6,000 Words  X 2.5 Minutes = 15000 Minutes

15000 / 60 Minutes = 250 Hours

If you spent an hour a day it would take you 250 days or around 8 1/3 months.

If you did 2 hours per day – it would take you around 4 months.

3 hours per day and you can do it in 2 months.

Sounds simple right?  Wellllll…. not so much.

Have you ever tried to learn something for 3 hours a day on a consistent schedule?  For most people – the time cost is impossible.

I am currently on 500 / 6000 words in the following course – Core Vocabulary 6000 Japanese Word Learning Coursescreen-shot-2017-02-04-at-11-37-08-am

I have been at it about 2 months and am woefully behind.  But its a battle of attrition!

Keep on Pushing!!!!

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