Last Minute JLPT Study Resources

It’s too late to register for the December JLPT, so if you haven’t registered… tough luck!

But for those of you that are taking the test, I have found that there are several great resources that will help those of us that are prepping.

1st Recommendation – Nihongo Challenge

(I have linked to the n4 versions, because that is where most beginners are going to look) The series covers every level and is widely regarded as the best printed written resource available.  Some people claim that is is unforgiving in the sense that it does not have easily accessible english explanations for Grammar…..kind of like the actual exam.  They don’t call it challenge for nothing!

The other series I would recommend would be the 500 problems series.  I do not know if this series is available on Amazon, if you can find it on Amazon, please refer.

All 500 of the practice test questions have antonyms, synonyms and a very convenient method of tracking your results, as well as a linear guide that will allow you to review all 500 practice problems over the course of a month.

Aside from this there are several free apps on the app store that you can use to drill practice questions.

I would recommend the following:

Do you have a resource that you are particular to?  Please add it below!!!!


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