How to Say Thank You and You’re Welcome in Mandarin

Ah yes, the basic phrases everyone needs, in Chinese, they’re super simple. More Lessons!

Let’s get started….

Thank You – xie4 xie4 (She ay, she ay / shay shay – but fast.)


To say thank you its a very simple phrase, you can say xie4 xie4, and add ni3 for emphasis (literally thank you), if you want to be reeeeeally greatful and add emphasis, you can then say, xie4 xie4 nin3.

You’re Welcome – Bu4 Yong4 Xie4 (Boo Yawng Shay, Look up a pinyin pronunciation guide.)


This phrase literally translates to – No (bu4), use (yong4), thanks (xie4).  The english equivalent would be, no thanks needed.

In China, it would not be culturally acceptable to say a phrase like you’re welcome, to be publicly proud and take credit for things in China is taboo and not a social norm.

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