Easy Beginner Chinese: How to Introduce Yourself in Mandarin Chinese

Easy Beginner Chinese: How to Introduce Yourself in Mandarin

The first thing that most people learn when they learn a language is how to say hello.  Use this how to guide to learn a basic mandarin introduction. Click here to get more Chinese lessons!


你好 - Ni3 Hao3 – Falling/Rising Tone x2

First, say the Mandarin word for hello.  This phrase literally translates to “You, Good” or “You, Well”.


我叫(Your Name) – Wo3 Jiao4 – Falling/Rising + Falling Tone

Then say I am called , literally (I, called) and then your name.  The english equivalent would be my name is sam.


我是 - Wo3 Shi4 – Falling/Rising + Falling Tone

Here is where we expand, this phrase means I am, and just like in english, you can add things to the end of it to add meaning.

An example would be, 我是中文学生。

Wo3 shi4 zhong1wen2 xue2sheng5.  – literally i am chinese language student.


It’s that easy.  Say hello, tell people your name, and give them one fact about your identity!

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