Learn Japanese with the Bible – Genesis 1-2 – The Creation

Learn basic vocabulary and grammar from the book of Genesis.

samintokyo · October 13, 2021

In this course – learn Japanese bible vocabulary from the book of Genesis. With interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and a link to quizlet flashcards that you can use to practice memorizing the vocabulary.

We only have a short amount of time in Life. So why not combine your study of scripture with your study of language with this unique course?

Go verse by verse and pick up Japanese Vocabulary and grammar alongside your reading.

How much Japanese do I need to know to take these courses?

These courses will teach you Japanese in the order that the Vocabulary and Grammar appear in the bible. So you do not need to know any Japanese in order to take these courses, but having a foundational understanding of Japanese grammar would allow you to more quickly learn.

If we cover a grammar point or aspect of the language in one verse – we will link back to that section internally for your own review. So for example – if in verse 1 of the course, we explain a grammar point, and that grammar point appears again in verse 2. We will set a reference link to verse 1.

But don’t worry if you don’t understand 100% – Any time spent studying the scripture is of value! And just like bible study – language study is an experiential practice, not a sprint to the finish.

We hope that this course enriches your language ability but more importantly – it allows you time to deeply consider the scripture and study the Word of God.

This course uses two public domain bibles. The bibles have no copyright and can be reproduced and used freely.

1) The World English Bible – Published free to use in the public domain.
2) The 口語訳 – Published by the Japan Bible Society in 1955 – its copyright expired in 2005

The quizzes and course materials presented within are copyright languagelearningcouple.com all rights reserved 2021.

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