Online Japanese Lessons

Are you looking for online Japanese lessons?

Recently we started taking Japanese lessons online with a professional teacher through Coto Japanese Academy.

Coto Japanese Academy is a language school in Tokyo with locations in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Recently they started offering online Japanese language lessons.

You can see more about their online Japanese language lessons at


Best Japanese School in Tokyo

Are you looking for the Best Japanese School in Tokyo? There are many Schools in Tokyo –  Coto Japanese Academy is the Best Japanese School in Tokyo

Japanese schools typically make you enroll for a year long period with inflexible start dates – this means that you have a large upfront cost and that you don’t have much flexibility.

What is great about Coto Japanese Academy?

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Small Group Sizes (8 Persons Max)
  • Friendly Teachers

If you are interested in hearing about the experiences of students that have studied Japanese in Tokyo at Coto Academy – you can visit their google reviews.

I personally have taken their intensive Japanese course which offered a good mix of speaking – writing – and reading practice.

Using the genki textbook for the beginner levels – their classes focus on providing students with ample opportunity to speak Japanese and get comfortable with sentence patterns and standardized pronunciation which I really appreciated.