Hanbridge Mandarin Review

The nice folks over at Hanbridge Mandarin reached out to me in order to provide me with a free-trial of their online Skype school.  In the following review I will give an honest run-down of my first impressions and my experience. Initial Impressions: Hanbridge is a mandarin school based out of Shenzhen, I first learned about them when I was approached by one of their … Continue reading Hanbridge Mandarin Review

Songs to Improve Your Mandarin Chinese Accent

Everyone has that one friend, the one with the terrible Mandarin accent. They speak in a flat monotone, with no emotion and no respect to timing.  It’s as if they were bored and reading pinyin as if it was English. Most of the time, secondary speakers of Mandarin just don’t understand how bad they actually sound to a native speaker. I think that this is … Continue reading Songs to Improve Your Mandarin Chinese Accent

HelloChinese App Review

My Friend Vera, who used to work at ChinesePod is now involved in the launch of a wonderful Chinese Learning App called HelloChinese. The app is designed by a talented team with a wealth of experience in Academic Chinese learning, and it looks like they have the design side down as well. You can get the app for yourself at http://www.hellochinese.cc or at the following … Continue reading HelloChinese App Review